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The Target (Book II) and Beyond The Target (Book III) are filled with valuable advice, trusted information and belong in every clay target shooter's library. These books continue to be highly recommended by shooters from around the world. A great investment for any shooter who wants to improve their shooting! Shooters often re-read these books multiple times and refer back to them often. Dan Schindler's books are an investment to be used and treasured for years...decades to come!

"To The Target: A Sporting Clays and Wingshooting Primer," Book II by Daniel L. Schindler is written in clear, easy-to-understand language to help shooters of all skill levels move their shooting forward.

"To The Target" is, in a way, a map. Using plain language, it cuts through the mystery of shooting and shows you the shortest route to breaking one target after another - from the first field to the last.

"It is not often that you get an author that can shoot and can deliver on paper the passion, the skill, and the science so that a shooter 4000 miles away can dramatically improve his scores. When I read your chapters I feel that you are there coaching me (sounds mushy but that's how it is) and when I get disappointed with my performance I refer back to your book and find an answer to my problem. Thanks again for the superb book."

“There have been many excellent instructional books published over the years, but mostly aimed at the new or novice shooter. Few authors have tried to take the shooter on from the novice stage to serious competitor. “To The Target” does just that and it is one of the most innovative and important books yet published on the art of shooting clay targets.”
Clay Shooting USA

"To the Target is full of valuable information directly pertaining to the shotgun sports. An essential part of any shooter's library, I just wish it had been around when I started."
Andy Duffy, Holder of 8 National Titles

Daniel Schindler's newest book, Beyond The Target- Book III, is definitely “not” a rehash of all you’ve read, seen and heard over the last decade. Focused and completely up to date, Book III’s Truths and facts dispel the all too common myths and mysteries that are slowing down your progress and reducing your scores.
Entertaining and easy to read, here are the advanced principles and methods that carry shooters to the very highest levels of performances in the shooting box. Here is a veritable wealth of information explaining where inconsistency really comes from and what exactly must be adjusted in your game to move you forward, raising your X count. Equipment selection recommendations…gun fit…shooting methods beyond the basics…where competition pressure really comes from…distraction management…Pre-Shot routines…creating a peak performance…a training regimen that actually works…these are just a few of the topics covered in depth.

The 3 required Skill Sets are all individually discussed with detailed recommendations on how each works and why they are indispensable in the shooting box. This is your Instruction Manual…the step-by-step process…guaranteed to move your game to the next level. Dan Schindler is a Master Paragon Instructor (USA), NSCA Level III Instructor (USA), and Member of the Guild of Shooting Instructors, (UK).

“I consider Beyond The Target my sporting clays Bible which I will read thoroughly & refer to frequently. Thanks for all the hard work & effort you put into this invaluable text. Every clay shooter should get one.”
- Mark Engen, DVM

“LOVED Beyond The Target! A must-read for all Sporting Clay shooters. Excellent!”
- Linda Henson

Howard Fortner

Beyond The Target is a superbly written guide to the proper development of success in clay target shooting, as well as a delightful revelation of your journey in this most addictive of sports. It will serve as a constant reference for my own purpose, thank you.
Kevin McGowan

"This is a must read for all of us who have been in the shooting box and questioned why; where; and how did I do that or mess it up? You are asking the right questions. Congratulations for seeking the answers and welcome to an inspirational read, one that illuminates the other side of Sporting Clays."
- Wendy Crabtree, NSCA Level III, Founding Member, Guild Of Shooting Instructors (UK)

This third volume in the Paragon school trilogy is the second best thing to booking a lesson with Schindler himself. Dan writes the way he
coaches in person: respectfully, provocatively, humorously, and, most of all, effectively. His new book informs the Sporting Clays arts not only with a clear and proven blueprint for breaking (many) more targets, but with great heart as well.
- Randy Lawrence, Wingshooting Editor: Sporting Clays Magazine, Contributor: Clay Target Nation

Note: Take Your Best Shot, Book I - 3rd Edition is a currently being printed and is expected to ship by mid-to-late January (2019). Take Your Best Shot, 3rd Edition is an exceptional, highly sought after book- a primer filled with the valuable fundamentals. We weren't sure it was possible, however, Take Your Best Shot, 3rd Edition is even better than the 1st and 2nd Editions! Preorders will be accepted on December 10.
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