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Daniel Schindler

Nationally and Internationally

Recognized Sporting Clays and Wingshooting Instructor


3 Decades of Trust 

Daniel Schindler has worked with thousands of shooters and

Certified ~220 Instructors for NSCA and Paragon School of Sporting.


Let me say that again . . . welcome.

Possibly you came here because you have a friend or family member who has never shot before, but has burning desire to shoot and learn more about shotgunning? This person may want to go bird hunting or possibly into the clay target sports, maybe both. Either way, you have come to the right place.

We're not sure where this enthusiasm will go tomorrow but today, we do know this. Your son, daughter, friend, niece, nephew, grandson, granddaughter, wife, husband, brother or sister wants to shoot! Maybe you already have the equipment, maybe not, but you have decided you want the introduction to Sporting Clays or Wingshooting to take place in a safe, positive setting with someone who is certified, patient, professional and caring. We provide that and more, including all the equipment if need be.

Our first goal is always safety mindedness, which you can count on. Our second goal is to provide you with an educational and truly memorable experience for you and your guests. We will patiently walk you through every step, every question, allowing you to successfully build one accomplishment after another. There is zero pressure in an Introductory session. What you will feel is our genuine desire to assist you in a patient and professional manner.

Your Sporting Clays or Wingshooting lesson is tailored to your skill level and goals. The session purpose is to answer your questions, cover safety, introduce you to etiquette, gun handling and, of course, instruction on how to break targets; self-correct your miss, and duplicate your successful shot. The atmosphere is relaxed and happy, as it should be. Shooting should be fun, safe, and educational too. Paragon sessions not only build confidence in the shooting box, but also teach respect for the game, guns and targets. The overall experience is both enlightening and gratifying. We completely understand this passion to get behind the trigger. We'll make you successful - on the range and in the hunting fields.

Please give us a call & let us answer your questions. We'll help you with every detail. You're in good hands.


More information on scheduling lessons and "Important Questions to Ask" any instructor before you schedule a lesson! 

Sporting Clays Instruction

Novice, Intermediate & Advanced Shooters 

 Novice Shooters

Novice Shooter

 Understandably, most folks who come into Sporting Clays rely on their "natural instincts" to break targets. History has proven, shooting instinctively typically takes a shooter to 50% and maybe  60% success ratios. This is just fine, until our Sporting Clays shooter decides to seek the next skill level. Here,  with instruction, is where the swing inconsistencies must be identified and replaced with the  basics, the fundamentals of good shooting. Only when the swing becomes more consistent can we expect the Sporting Clays performances to become consistent and scores improve.

In a safe, educational, reassuring environment, Dan Schindler patiently teaches the Sporting Clays basics. This is the foundation, the necessary structure that creates consistency and moves students ahead. This structure allows you to correct your own mistakes and repeat the successful shot. Once understood, a student can advance with confidence. Paragon methods are not complicated and are 100% reliable. That’s our promise to our students - and we keep that promise.


Intermediate Shooters

Intermediate Shooter

Most intermediate Sporting Clays shooters have moved their scores up slightly, but have not yet identified their set-up and swing inconsistencies, their unintentional errors. Performances in the shooting box still vary from day to day. While intermediate sporting clays shooters are breaking targets, they're also beginning to recognize that hundreds and hundreds of empty hulls on the ground aren't making them more consistent, or solving their performance issues.

Intermediate Sporting Clays shooters have learned they can break targets—every day—but not consistently. They're also positive they are capable of better shooting—and they are correct about that—but don't understand why their scores are not moving up.

A gun fitting, new equipment and better Sporting Clays shooting methods can all be helpful. But none of those come first. What comes first is making sure your set up on the target and your swing are built on the basics, and are error free. Regardless of age, gender or skill level, unknown set up and swing errors will cost targets. This is why the intermediate Sporting Clays shooter has plateaued. A simple but thorough evaluation of your shooting style, swing and methods, will reveal these inconsistencies. Once identified, honest, measurable progress can take place providing more consistency and more reliability in your game—today—and every day after.

There is absolutely nothing mysterious about missing targets, hitting targets, and advancing your skill level. Clear, logical answers are available to you and all who seek them. We welcome your questions.




Advanced Competitors


At this skill level, breaking Sporting Clays targets is not the issue. Breaking more Sporting Clays targets—consistently—is the issue. 1 or 3 lost targets in a hundred can mean the difference between HOA and 7th place. To build critical long runs, any lingering swing inconsistencies simply have to be identified and corrected. Swing mechanics must be constant and dependable on every course, every target presentation—reliability is not optional.

To keep our attention at a high level over a round of 100—and then do it again for each day of the tournament—requires a lot more than Gun control skills and Scoring skills. The third skill - Performance skills (the mental game) - must be firmly in place and working.

Where to put our focused attention; when; how to hold it there; this requires a Pre-shot Routine. Do you have one? Is it working? Are you using it?

Desire and determination are simply not enough at this level. Performance skills will be needed to build long rungs and keep them intact, Station after Station. Again, I assure you, there’s absolutely nothing mysterious about the Sporting Clays mental game. It’s actually quite simple to understand once the right questions are asked and answered. Once understood, Performance skills can be a very powerful and effective force in building high Sporting Clays scores. The Paragon Workshop is a course that specifically addresses the what, where and how of the Sporting Clays mental game. Important components of this will be specifically discussed in my 3rd book.    


Important Considerations for anyone considering taking lessons from any Instructor!


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Wingshooting Instruction

Wingshooting Enthusiasts . . ."Shotgunner's Guide to Waterfowling - Here's how to consistently hit the 5 most common shots in duck and goose hunting"  by Wade Bourne is an excellent article! Mr. Bourne "rounded up five of the nation's foremost shooting pros and sought their wisdom on how to consistently hit some of the most commonly encountered—and missed—shots in waterfowling." Daniel Schindler, Master Sporting Clays and Wingshooting Instructor appreciates being included as one of the pros.…/S…/Shotgunners-Guide-to-Waterfowling…







At the shrill of the whistle, the spaniels ease to a stop. Everyone's heart beats a little faster anticipating the flush. The guns are up! A stir of wings......there's the shot. Feathers floating gently in the breeze are a parting present, the last reminder of a splendid shot and a clean harvest. Pheasant retrieved to hand, it's hard to say who's happier, you or your 4-legged companion.

On the family farm or Plantation, in the marsh blinds, or a driven shoot on the shooting grounds in Spain or England, bird hunting is a noble sport whose traditions run deep all the way back to the first fowling pieces. A joy to report, bird hunting is alive and well in America. Along with all the traditions comes safety and a much-appreciated etiquette. These customs are every bit as important as demonstrating capable gun handling skills.

Dan Schindler has spent many wonderful years in the timber, corn and wheat fields, pursuing quail, chukar, pheasants, doves, ducks and geese. Visible respect for the guns, game and every member of the hunting party is rightfully expected and should be understood by all who participate.

In a very relaxed atmosphere, Dan can introduce you to the basics of Wingshooting so you can be comfortable stepping into the hunting crowd for the very first time. He'll patiently cover proper equipment handling, safety, etiquette, and all your Guide and hunting partners expect of you. Wingshooting skills are basically inherent in all of us, requiring less formal training and more awareness of our natural shooting instincts. Dan will help you refine those instincts into your very best Wingshooting. Compliment your new skills with the basic safety rules and you're ready to follow the dogs and Guide into the hunt of a lifetime. If you are a more experienced wing shooter who wishes to be a better shot but are not sure how, time spent with a Dan can help - immensely.

There is no better place to be than with friends or family behind a great dog in the field. A little help with your Wingshooting skills and learning proper etiquette will go a long way to making this day afield a memorable and safe hunt. Dan's Wingshooting students are more confident, more at ease and more skilled. New shooter or experienced, we'd be happy to show you how to put more birds in your vest, safely and with style.

Important Considerations for anyone taking lessons from any Instructor!

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Paragon Instructor Certification Program

Paragon Instructor Forum

Paragon Certified Instructors

Paragon Center for Instructor Study (C.I.S.)

Instructor Certification Levels:

Choose a Paragon Instructor . . . each will have impeccable qualifications. Should you personally have entry-level or advancing level skills, your Paragon Instructor is eminently qualified to assist you safely, courteously, patiently and competently. Skeet, Trap, Sporting Clays or Wingshooting, your Paragon Instructor would be delighted to speak with you and help you on your journey to better, much more consistent shooting.


Paragon School of Sporting's Mentor Associates: 

Wendy Crabtree

Guild of Shooting Instructors, U.K

NSCA Level lll, U.S.


David T. Dobson, M.B.A.

Jacksonville University Shooting Team Founder & Director, U.S.

NSCA Level lll Instructor, U.S.

NSSA Level lll Instructor, U.S.


Peter Harris

 Guild of Shooting Instructors, U.K.

BASC Staff Tudor, Senior Coach & Assessor

U.K. CPSA Instructor, U.K.


Instructor Certification Reviews

Mental Training

Reviews - Mental Training Workshop

After spending untold tens of thousands of dollars are you tired of that little voice inside your head still causing crucial misses? Tired of the self-doubt that creeps in when you look at a really tough true pair? Tired of the out-of-control "shoot and hope" level of performance that leaves you mired in the middle of your class - exactly where you started? Do you wish you had a way out and up to your true ability?

Dan has a direct, proven, planned, and highly focused program to understand and quiet those little gremlins. It allows you to directly reach for your full shooting potential. If you're going to call "pull", you might as well maximize your ability and predictably hear "dead a pair." Schindler's Workshop methods will get you there – no question.

Bob Lockett
Raytown, Missouri

While there is a tremendous amount of information now generated on the "mental game" most of what I have read is a repackaging of concepts that have existed for the last 10 years or longer. Your Workshop was very different. I came away with a clear understanding of how my mind works and how this can help me (or hurt me) in a shooting situation. I am now able to focus on the process of the shot, not the myriad of distractions present in any shooting situation. Not only have my scores improved significantly but a pleasant side effect has been that your concepts are directly applicable to my business. Bottom line is, the workshop works.

Roger A. Fehrman
President & CEO
NSCA Level II Instructor

Dan's "Workshop" will help you understand why shooters struggle in competition or any time peak performance is the goal. Dan breaks the problems down to the root cause and provides the answers and solutions to help you overcome the challenges that cause shooters and competitors to struggle "when it matters most". Since attending The Workshop, my scores are on the rise and my shooting is definitely more consistent. "The Workshop" is Dan Schindler's finest work to date, and a must for all serious competitors.

Robert Roesch
Paragon Professional Associate, NSCA Level I

I've had the pleasure and privilege, over the past few years, of watching and participating in Dan's progress toward ever better understanding, ability, and higher standards in the pursuit of excellence in his teaching and coaching of students and mentoring of other teachers. Dan shared, during my Level I instructor class a number of years ago, that our task, ne our responsibility, as instructors is to peel away the layers of unimportant thought and behaviors that prevent one from becoming better shooters, indeed, the very best shooters we can possibly be. What he means is that our "best" is not the equipment we buy or books we read, or videos we watch, or lessons we take, or the number of shells we burn to become "better". Our "best" is already inside each of us. We already own it. What we search for is how do we 1) define what that is and 2) how do we get to it.

Why are you here, at this moment, in this stand, with this shotgun in hand shooting at this target today? What is it you want? What are you trying to accomplish? Find the answers to those questions and throw away everything else and you will have taken the most important step toward peeling away the layers of what's keeping you from your best shooting.

Dan's WORKSHOP IS the single best step you can take to become the very best shooter\teacher\coach you can be. Don't think about it, don't analyze it, JUST DO IT! You will not be disappointed.

Bryan Brueck
NSCA Level II Instructor

I had the pleasure of attending Dan's "Workshop" and found it most stimulating. Dan combines Eastern Philosophy and Common Sense, which, in my experience, is pretty unusual. It's hard to imagine a serious shooter not improving after implementing his methodology.

Jim R

The Workshop was life changing for me. Once I was blind , but now I see! It has taught me to be concerned with what is important at the moment, taught me how to be "TASK" oriented. It gave me latitude, forgiveness, and discipline. Danny has put together a very important program here! I would recommend the Workshop to everyone who is serious about improving in their game. My first tournament, 2 weeks after my Workshop, resulted in winning my class, a class I hadn't placed in for 3 yrs.

Bonnie Kincaid

I'm glad to say, The Workshop has changed my approach to shooting. It has given me a set of tools that not only create more consistent shooting and higher scores... but The Workshop has taken me to higher level of confidence in my mental approach to the sporting clay game!

Linda H.




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