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Preparing to Fail?
Preparing to Fail?

All the articles in this series on the Basics – your shooting foundation – are dedicated to Mr. Bob Lockett, Paragon Senior Instructor.It might have seemed strange to start this series of articles on the Basics with steps on the Mental Game. The Mental Game usually comes after the Physical side of things are well established. With the focus on what it really takes to improve your shotgunning performance, I thought the Mental approach to that improvement should at least be considered during the initial steps to achieving your higher scores using the proven Paragon method. With that in mind, let’s move on. It may seem like a long time ago for many of you reading ...

Peak Performances…Easier Than You Think!
Preparing to Fail?

Being “In The Zone” is a state of mind that so many athletes aspire to reach. It is eminently achievable. If you’ve been there, you can credit your best performances to those days where you just COULD NOT MISS. Athletes, musicians, speakers, and others have experienced the Zone during their greatest performances. Those subconscious performances take place in a “mindless state” or state of “no mind.” The Japanese term for “no mind” is called Mushin.Recently, we discussed The Elusive Mental Game and the critical importance of familiarity. Familiarity with your skill level; Familiarity with the target presentation you are facing; and ...

The Elusive Mental Game
Preparing to Fail?

Ever heard of it, the elusive mental game? Just kidding, of course you have…mental toughness; sport psychology; peak performance; in the Zone; Zen….I own a small library on this subject written by authors who’ve worked successfully with the world’s best athletes. I’ve personally kept Office Max in business buying pens to take notes. Notebooks full of pages covered with handwritten revelations and confirmations. Why? Because you can’t reliably learn from homespun, off the cuff comments from someone with pins and patches. It takes decades of tenacious cross-examination demanding “Sparky, are you sure about that?” while laboring through ...

XXXX Where Art Thou?
Preparing to Fail?

A few truths first. Toto, I've got a feeling we're not in Kansas anymore. The target presentations we’re shooting now are definitely not the presentations of year’s past. Intentionally, today’s presentations are more complex, more challenging than ever before. Which means exactly what? It means our good old reliable “hand-eye coordination” (HEC) with endless trial and error past practice targets – which broke targets – won’t break today’s targets consistently or dependably. Not gonna happen, McGee. It’s a humbling lesson that is lost on far too many shooters.Our shooting game is built on our beliefs.Can we advance if our beliefs ...

Curly's Law: The ONE Thing
Preparing to Fail?

From the movie “City Slickers” Curly (Jack Palance) reveals what the secret of life is by holding up 1 finger. Mitch (Billy Crystal) asks, “What is that “one thing?” Curly smiles and says, “That’s what you have to find out.”Looking at your clays game in general, maybe you already know what that “one thing” is? Social shooting, fun, and entertainment? Or, maybe it’s more about competition and scoring? The differences here matter greatly. One could say the game is the same for everyone but I’m asking you to consider what is most important to you, the “one thing?”It goes without saying that friendships, good ...