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All Choked Up
All Choked Up

This is a quick, roll-up-your-sleeves, common sense commentary on choke selection – what really does work in the shooting box – and why. No doubt there’s been at least 500 trillion opinionated words spoken on this subject, in books, magazines, on the net, and on YouTube. Here are the cliff notes.First and foremost – said very respectfully – while habitually changing chokes may raise hopes for a break – the truth is, no choke will ever make up for swing errors. More about that later.Even a little bit of choke constriction really does have a positive effect on pattern density at the target. Different chokes will pattern different loads – well, ...

Here's Your Paddle. Upstream or Down?
All Choked Up

Seriously now, take about 10 long seconds and do this. Slow down and think about what it feels like to paddle a canoe upstream. Against the current. Go ahead. Please. Take your time. 1 Mississippi, 2 Mississippi, 3 Mississippi, 4.....OK, it's nice to be on the water and the view is beautiful but if you're going to make it back to the cabin before dark, the paddling takes some work. Right?Now…let's do the exercise again. This time imagine paddling downstream. No worries, just go with the flow...the cabin is about 5 miles from where you sit…paddle's are at your feet…just gliding…no worries…no falls in sight. Much better...yes?Which one best describes how you ...

Speed of Light Shooting
All Choked Up

Speaking of the obvious, humbly submitted, the speed of light in a vacuum is exactly 186,282 miles per second. Impressed? OK, maybe not – so what does this have to do with our shooting? Well, that number is a fact, an irrefutable truth. Just like all the numbers on gravity and Einstein’s energy. Want to go over them? Me neither. And I bring all this up because…well, all those numbers are dependable. Should you decide to use them, they’ll work – every day – all day – no exceptions – like your shooting method should!“A day without sunshine is like…you know…night.” ~ Steven WrightThe shooter on the squad ahead ...

Why Are You Here?
All Choked Up

“If you think nobody ever remembers you…try missing a few car payments.”Speaking of remembering. The tournament was about 10 years ago, probably more. Late morning, we were all early, standing at our designated Station shaking hands. The tournament atmosphere was heavy, almost palpable.Greetings over, I stepped back a few steps to gather my awareness, letting go of all that wouldn’t matter over the next few hours. My good friend and shooting companion that day, Bryan Brueck, walked over, solemnly handed me a folded piece of paper, went back to our cart and sat down.From Bryan’s expression, I opened the paper slowly, already knowing the message held a purpose. ...

If Only Michael Jordan Had Taken Up Clay Shooting Instead…
All Choked Up

 “I couldn’t repair your brakes…so I made your horn louder.~ Steven WrightHere’s a better plan than Steve’s. While this article touches on skill development, the emphasis here is on winning. What it really takes…the no-holds-barred, down and dirty.To start this discussion, let’s say we have confirmed that our gear, skill level and shooting method(s) have all passed the tests of dependability and trustworthiness. Everything working, scores are “up there” and rightfully so. That’s the good news. Raising our scores further, however, has slowed to a snail’s pace. History has shown us there is an estimable limit to ...