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Dirt, Steel & Clay
Dirt, Steel & Clay

It’s a given, we all want to break targets and especially in competition with a scorekeeper behind us. That keeping score part very understandably introduces all kinds of distractions, stress and unwanted thoughts. I thought we might look at this scene of disruption from a different perspective, one that asks us to move our attention to a more productive place.It was a very long time ago, so here it is as best as I can remember.It was late Sunday morning, the final round in a golf Major. Jack Nicklaus, arguably the best golfer who ever played the game, was in contention at the top of the leader board. Literally millions of fans including me were watching, anxious for play to begin. ...

Dear Mr. Exo
Dirt, Steel & Clay

As an Instructor, Coach and published writer, I’ve personally written maybe half a billion words on how I believe we can improve our shooting. I am deeply appreciative of the positive feedback I have received from my students and my readers over the last 3 decades. Rather than selecting another shooting method or gun management topic, I thought today we might turn all this around and look – not from the Instructor’s standpoint – but at ourselves in the mirror as a student. Before we pick up the phone to discuss lessons, what can we do to help ourselves before signing up for instruction?Taking an honest and purposeful look at improving our shooting, one word stands ...

Heart Just Ain't Enough
Dirt, Steel & Clay

____________________________________________For those who are becoming more serious about moving their game up to the next level, please bear with me here as there’s a sound lesson offered in this analogy. This past Monday we got a well-deserved respite from politics and the usual daily grind. It was ALL about college football – the National Championship – a face-off between two hard-working, well-guided teams who were fiercely determined to win. The expressions on the players faces left no doubts about their intentions, as did their level of play on the field.Dabo Swinney – the Clemson Coach – had a year of resolution building to make up for last ...

Where Do You Place Your Trust?
Dirt, Steel & Clay

If I may, here are a few words about my last post on where to put our attention when the trap machine fires. History has shown us that skill advancement is not an event. It is a time-consuming process, like learning how to assemble and execute a successful swing – consistently. The question is, where do we put our attention during this process? Out there at the target, or back here where swing control and precision are taking place?  Our very first time behind the wheel with a driving Instructor beside us, naturally, we had our attention on what was taking place in front of the car. We also had to learn how much foot pressure to put on the accelerator; how to ...

Why You Are Not Breaking That Target
Dirt, Steel & Clay

As I sit here, fingers on my keyboard typing this article, I can already hear the cries of disagreement. Schindler is nuts! So be it. If you want the “magic bean” to improve your shooting, here it is. I’m asking you to let go and reconsider how you may be trying to break a target.Here you stand, gripping your bowling ball as you face the pins. Question – yes or no, please – can you knock down the pins? Think about it for a moment before you answer. The answer is no. At the foul line – which you are not allowed cross – once the ball leaves your fingers by 1/1000th of an inch – how much control do you have over the ball now? None. Zero. The ball ...