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"I love working with Dan Schindler. Why? Because Dan is constantly polishing and refining his coaching methods. He’s already done the heavy lifting so you don’t have to in the shooting box. Dan’s incredibly fast in spotting my inconsistencies. His diagnoses and recommendations are always on the mark which means we’re not wasting time. Just like he has with me, I’ve watched him move other students very, very quickly. He has this unique ability to make the complicated simple and uncomplicated. I appreciate that he goes slowly, letting his teaching “sink in.” This helps me tremendously in the lesson and later, weeks after my lesson. Every time I work with Dan, I’m always learning. He sees what I don’t see and makes my shooting easier, not harder. If you haven’t worked with Dan, you are missing out on a great opportunity to improve your shooting!"

Linda Henson

Browns Point Washington


"There are 3 traits that make Dan Schindler the ideal Sporting Clays Coach. First, he is so intuitive that after a few minutes he knew exactly what I needed to work on. Second, he is so insightful I felt like he was reading my thoughts and putting them into words. Third, he has the uncanny ability to explain the mental game in such a way that it’s easily transferable into real world shooting."

Tom Wilczek

Grayslake IL


“What struck me first about Dan was his sincerity. I’d taken lessons with other Sporting Clays Instructors previously and never got the same sense of attention I got from Dan. Not only can he diagnose and evaluate your shooting strengths and weaknesses at amazing speeds, he’ll speak to you in terms that make perfect sense (Like, why didn’t I think of that?). This makes his instruction very easy to understand. I can attest, his methods work exceptionally well. I was stunned at how fast I progressed and how consistent I was, once Dan showed me what I was really doing. It is rare to meet a man this passionate about his profession. In my opinion, his standard of customer service and teaching should be a model for all aspiring instructors. Money very well spent. I’ve already booked my next session.”

Robert McConey

Prescott AZ



Thank you for helping me understand why I am challenged by certain Sporting Clays target presentations. I really value your knowledge and Sporting Clays teaching skills. Myself and others here so appreciate you coming all the way out to WA to teach us. You have the utmost knowledge, dedication and all the sincerity one could ask for in a coach and you never let us down. I’ve always been impressed by how quickly you can see what we are doing in the shooting box and help us figure it out. No question, my shooting has improved after every lesson over the years. 

I wish you a good week and safe travels home.  I will continue to work on my set up and swing, following the practice plan you and I laid out. 

Mark Engen, DVM

Seattle Washington                         


"WOW! What a wonderful experience to learn the art of Sporting Clays under your tutelage. We all had a wonderful time. I must say, many of the things I learned from you transferred over to my Skeet game beautifully. Your communication skills are outstanding. Looking forward to my gun fitting session and another Sporting Clays lesson appointment."

James L. Knorr

Greenville SC


"Congratulations on your article, “Trusting What Works.” It is the finest, most concise instructive statement I have read. Focusing on the trilogy of knowledge, purpose and goals efficiently and astutely captured the essence of performance-enhancing skills. I particularly appreciated your insight that interwove deceleration and “trust” into your analysis of “lead. Enclosed is my check for your Sporting Clays book, To The Target.”

Michael G. Sabbeth

Englewood CO



Just wanted to say thank you again for your patience and skilled services last week.  As you could tell, neither of us is very experienced in the world of Sporting Clay shooting. You did awesome bringing us up to speed on the techniques and showing us the ropes on how to improve ourselves in each of the areas.  We went to the gun club today. It was fun for me to watch some of the guys peeking at Julie as she was breaking target after target.  Very cool……

We appreciate the gun advice. A heartfelt thanks again for your spending so much extra time with us. Several times already we’ve reviewed the little videos I made; what a chuckle.  Many, many thanks to Cheryl for all her help in setting up all the travel arrangements. What an awesome vacation for us to spend in a beautiful region, with our pups, doing something so cool as shooting with a bonafide expert and all around nice guy.

Warm regards,

Don Boxx


Dear Dan,

Thank you so much for putting the fun back into my Sporting Clays shooting. I have taken all your advice. My shotgun has been replaced; all the specialty loads are gone and the LM & LM choke combination has remained unchanged. So now it’s all about my mechanics, basics, sight pictures and consistency. Of course, I still have a ways to go but shooting my first 90 on my home course after my return sure was fun. Thank you.

May God protect you and guide you in your good work.

David Arnold, D.O.

 Davenport IA








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