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 "Dan Schindler is truly a world-class Sporting Clays and Wingshooting instructor capable of taking complex actions

and breaking them down into simple, repeatable pieces . . . and good heavens doesn't sport shooting need more of that!"

Michael Bane, Host of Outdoor Channel's Shooting Gallery


"I know of no other course here in the United States or United Kingdom, Europe or Australia - where I have coached - that offers better value for the money than the Paragon Course."

Peter Harris, U.K. - Guild of Shooting Instructors, BASC Staff Tutor, Senior Coach & Assessor, CPSA Instructor



"A very relevant accomplishment in the shooting chronological record of significant events (in April, 2003), was awarded by Mr. Daniel L. Schindler - a renowned and one of the best Shooting Instructor in the industry. With his enormous ability to stimulate insights, promoting comprehension and conclusions, Master Schindler and his wife Cheryl brilliantly enlightened me not only in the Art of Shooting itself but also in the Art of Living, most likely making a connection between them. Teaching the difference between perception and reality, focusing on the fundamental doctrines and working out on a solid foundation, Master Schindler also positively impacted me how important is aequinimatas (mind's tranquility/interior peace), to achieve success in all endeavor.”

Marcos Valente, Esquire and NSCA Level I Instructor (San Paulo, Brazil, Weston, Florida)

(Imagine how surprised we were to find this on the internet!)


Having the privilege to teach is a gift that keeps on giving!

Cheryl Schindler, Paragon School of Sporting Inc.


  • Paragon School of Sporting Master Instructor, Coach and Mental Trainer, U. S.

  • Guild of Shooting Instructors, U.K.

  • NSCA Level III Instructor, U.S.

  • Author of 7 books, Take Your Best ShotTo The Target, The Mental Training Workshop, Sporting Clays Tips Volume I, Sporting Clays Tips Volume II, Sporting Clays Tips Volume III, Sporting Clays Tips Collection 

  •  Author Audio CD: Beyond The Target 

  • Author of more than 140+ Sporting Clays and Wing Shooting Articles

  • Chief Instructor, Paragon Center for Instructor Study (CIS) Classes

  • Chief Instructor,  17 NSCA Level I Classes

  • Chief Instructor, 4 NSCA Level II Classes

  • Gun Fitter (Retired)
  • Designer of 26 Sporting Clays Courses across the U.S.

  • National Rifle Association (NRA) - Life Member

  • National Shooting Sports Foundation (NSSF)

  • National Sporting Clays Association (NSCA) - Life Member

  • Outdoor Writers Association of America


Dan Schindler is one of only 60 worldwide members of the Guild of Shooting Instructors, U.K. and is one of the most highly respected Sporting Clays and Wingshooting Instructors in the US. Dan founded the Paragon School of Sporting with one goal in mind. Whether it be for the advanced competitor or providing the basics to the entry-level shooter, Paragon provides the simplest, most practical and most effective Instruction, Coaching and Mental Training for the Sporting Clays & Wingshooting enthusiast. We promise you an enlightening, memorable experience!


Dedicated His Life

Dan Schindler spent his entire life studying and participating in the various facets of shotgunning. Aside from his exemplary credentials as a Sporting Clays and Wingshooting Instructor and writer, he received his gun fitting training from Peter and Wendy Crabtree originally from the West London Shooting School, U.K. As time permits, Dan competes in local, state and national competitions.


Dan's clear, concise coaching is easy to understand and implement. Whether you've just gotten into the sport, shoot for fun or are an advanced competitor, Dan can take you TO THE NEXT LEVEL.


Daniel Schindler's Journey . .  .


Shotgunning is a grand and noble sport. Some would be on the clay target range 5 days a week if they could. For others, it’s the pride of following the young setter up to the brush pile and sharing her first flush, or maybe your Lab’s very last, bittersweet mark amongst the decoys.


I was a military brat. No complaints mind you but, growing up on base limited my opportunities to be in the field where I wanted to be. So I lived vicariously in my magazines, immersed in hunting adventures in far away places. The ballistics in the reloading manuals, I knew them by heart. Had I studied my Math texts as hard, who knows? I do know, when I laid the magazine down, the African wood smoke lingered on my Woolrich shirt.


When I was a young boy, you would have been proud of me. Looking all the way back to the last row in the classroom, there sat Danny Schindler, face hidden behind his History textbook. Had you walked around behind me you would have found me on page 37 of Guns & Ammo reading about which shotshell was best for late season pheasants or geese in the stratosphere.


Growing up, every waking moment I was obsessed with hunting and being outdoors. I was fortunate that my uncles owned farms in Iowa where pheasants lived. Lots of pheasants. When I visited, my uncles were always supportive. Standing between these grown men, they hid their frustration when hunting pheasants with me. The rooster would rise and so would their guns, only to hear a shot and watch the bird fold before they could cheek their familiar Model 12’s. I may have only been 14, but I was deadly in the corn fields. My shooting method? No clue, other than point and shoot.


My heroes were the hunting and shooting writers of the day. I never dreamed that someday folks would be following my work in magazines and books. Mine has been a long journey of detours, miracles and revelations that led me to my desk this morning. With an utterly remarkable woman beside me, I find myself in a career blessed by immeasurable joy. Teaching is not a hobby or a job for me, it is my life and so many of you out there have made it so. I am grateful.


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