Sporting Clays & Wingshooting Instruction

Daniel Schindler

Nationally and Internationally

Recognized Sporting Clays and Wingshooting Instructor


3 Decades of Trust 

  • Whether working with Novice, Intermediate, Advanced or Master Class shooters, sessions are individually tailored to meet the specific needs of each client. The Mental Game Workshop is designed for shooters, or any individual who want to take advantage of the benefits mental training provides. Many corporate clients have implemented the lessons learned from The Mental Game Workshop not only into their shooting but also into their corporate practices, as the knowledge is transferable. 
  • Feather or clay, simplifying your approach to the shot will make it much easier to succeed. In a safe, educational environment, Sporting Clays and Wingshooting lessons provide a particularly gratifying and entertaining experience. Men, women and youngsters are successful more often in Dan's company because they are learning how to break targets.....consistently!
  • What better way to learn than in the company of a highly experienced, knowledgeable and respected Sporting Clays and Wingshooting Instructor, who can help you learn how to move your shooting forward so you can experience your very best shooting? 

Daniel Schindler has worked with thousands of shooters and

Certified ~220 Instructors for NSCA and Paragon School of Sporting.


Let me say that again . . . welcome.

Possibly you came here because you have a friend or family member who has never shot before, but has burning desire to shoot and learn more about shotgunning? This person may want to go bird hunting or possibly into the clay target sports, maybe both. Either way, you have come to the right place.

We're not sure where this enthusiasm will go tomorrow but today, we do know this. Your son, daughter, friend, niece, nephew, grandson, granddaughter, wife, husband, brother or sister wants to shoot! Maybe you already have the equipment, maybe not, but you have decided you want the introduction to Sporting Clays or Wingshooting to take place in a safe, positive setting with someone who is certified, patient, professional and caring. We provide that and more, including all the equipment if need be.

Our first goal is always safety mindedness, which you can count on. Our second goal is to provide you with an educational and truly memorable experience for you and your guests. We will patiently walk you through every step, every question, allowing you to successfully build one accomplishment after another. There is zero pressure in an Introductory session. What you will feel is our genuine desire to assist you in a patient and professional manner.

Your Sporting Clays or Wingshooting lesson is tailored to your skill level and goals. The session purpose is to answer your questions, cover safety, introduce you to etiquette, gun handling and, of course, instruction on how to break targets; self-correct your miss, and duplicate your successful shot. The atmosphere is relaxed and happy, as it should be. Shooting should be fun, safe, and educational too. Paragon sessions not only build confidence in the shooting box, but also teach respect for the game, guns and targets. The overall experience is both enlightening and gratifying. We completely understand this passion to get behind the trigger. We'll make you successful - on the range and in the hunting fields.

Please give us a call & let us answer your questions. We'll help you with every detail. You're in good hands.


More information on scheduling lessons and "Important Questions to Ask" any instructor before you schedule a lesson!