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 Novice Shooters

Novice Shooter

 Understandably, most folks who come into Sporting Clays rely on their "natural instincts" to break targets. History has proven, shooting instinctively typically takes a shooter to 50% and maybe  60% success ratios. This is just fine, until our Sporting Clays shooter decides to seek the next skill level. Here,  with instruction, is where the swing inconsistencies must be identified and replaced with the  basics, the fundamentals of good shooting. Only when the swing becomes more consistent can we expect the Sporting Clays performances to become consistent and scores improve.

In a safe, educational, reassuring environment, Dan Schindler patiently teaches the Sporting Clays basics. This is the foundation, the necessary structure that creates consistency and moves students ahead. This structure allows you to correct your own mistakes and repeat the successful shot. Once understood, a student can advance with confidence. Paragon methods are not complicated and are 100% reliable. That’s our promise to our students - and we keep that promise.


Intermediate Shooters

Intermediate Shooter

Most intermediate Sporting Clays shooters have moved their scores up slightly, but have not yet identified their set-up and swing inconsistencies, their unintentional errors. Performances in the shooting box still vary from day to day. While intermediate sporting clays shooters are breaking targets, they're also beginning to recognize that hundreds and hundreds of empty hulls on the ground aren't making them more consistent, or solving their performance issues.

Intermediate Sporting Clays shooters have learned they can break targets—every day—but not consistently. They're also positive they are capable of better shooting—and they are correct about that—but don't understand why their scores are not moving up.

A gun fitting, new equipment and better Sporting Clays shooting methods can all be helpful. But none of those come first. What comes first is making sure your set up on the target and your swing are built on the basics, and are error free. Regardless of age, gender or skill level, unknown set up and swing errors will cost targets. This is why the intermediate Sporting Clays shooter has plateaued. A simple but thorough evaluation of your shooting style, swing and methods, will reveal these inconsistencies. Once identified, honest, measurable progress can take place providing more consistency and more reliability in your game—today—and every day after.

There is absolutely nothing mysterious about missing targets, hitting targets, and advancing your skill level. Clear, logical answers are available to you and all who seek them. We welcome your questions.




Advanced Competitors


At this skill level, breaking Sporting Clays targets is not the issue. Breaking more Sporting Clays targets—consistently—is the issue. 1 or 3 lost targets in a hundred can mean the difference between HOA and 7th place. To build critical long runs, any lingering swing inconsistencies simply have to be identified and corrected. Swing mechanics must be constant and dependable on every course, every target presentation—reliability is not optional.

To keep our attention at a high level over a round of 100—and then do it again for each day of the tournament—requires a lot more than Gun control skills and Scoring skills. The third skill - Performance skills (the mental game) - must be firmly in place and working.

Where to put our focused attention; when; how to hold it there; this requires a Pre-shot Routine. Do you have one? Is it working? Are you using it?

Desire and determination are simply not enough at this level. Performance skills will be needed to build long rungs and keep them intact, Station after Station. Again, I assure you, there’s absolutely nothing mysterious about the Sporting Clays mental game. It’s actually quite simple to understand once the right questions are asked and answered. Once understood, Performance skills can be a very powerful and effective force in building high Sporting Clays scores. The Paragon Workshop is a course that specifically addresses the what, where and how of the Sporting Clays mental game. Important components of this will be specifically discussed in my 3rd book.    


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