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After spending untold tens of thousands of dollars are you tired of that little voice inside your head still causing crucial misses? Tired of the self-doubt that creeps in when you look at a really tough true pair? Tired of the out-of-control "shoot and hope" level of performance that leaves you mired in the middle of your class - exactly where you started? Do you wish you had a way out and up to your true ability?

Dan has a direct, proven, planned, and highly focused program to understand and quiet those little gremlins. It allows you to directly reach for your full shooting potential. If you're going to call "pull", you might as well maximize your ability and predictably hear "dead a pair." Schindler's Workshop methods will get you there – no question.

Bob Lockett
Raytown, Missouri

While there is a tremendous amount of information now generated on the "mental game" most of what I have read is a repackaging of concepts that have existed for the last 10 years or longer. Your Workshop was very different. I came away with a clear understanding of how my mind works and how this can help me (or hurt me) in a shooting situation. I am now able to focus on the process of the shot, not the myriad of distractions present in any shooting situation. Not only have my scores improved significantly but a pleasant side effect has been that your concepts are directly applicable to my business. Bottom line is, the workshop works.

Roger A. Fehrman
President & CEO
NSCA Level II Instructor

Dan's "Workshop" will help you understand why shooters struggle in competition or any time peak performance is the goal. Dan breaks the problems down to the root cause and provides the answers and solutions to help you overcome the challenges that cause shooters and competitors to struggle "when it matters most". Since attending The Workshop, my scores are on the rise and my shooting is definitely more consistent. "The Workshop" is Dan Schindler's finest work to date, and a must for all serious competitors.

Robert Roesch
Paragon Professional Associate, NSCA Level I

I've had the pleasure and privilege, over the past few years, of watching and participating in Dan's progress toward ever better understanding, ability, and higher standards in the pursuit of excellence in his teaching and coaching of students and mentoring of other teachers. Dan shared, during my Level I instructor class a number of years ago, that our task, ne our responsibility, as instructors is to peel away the layers of unimportant thought and behaviors that prevent one from becoming better shooters, indeed, the very best shooters we can possibly be. What he means is that our "best" is not the equipment we buy or books we read, or videos we watch, or lessons we take, or the number of shells we burn to become "better". Our "best" is already inside each of us. We already own it. What we search for is how do we 1) define what that is and 2) how do we get to it.

Why are you here, at this moment, in this stand, with this shotgun in hand shooting at this target today? What is it you want? What are you trying to accomplish? Find the answers to those questions and throw away everything else and you will have taken the most important step toward peeling away the layers of what's keeping you from your best shooting.

Dan's WORKSHOP IS the single best step you can take to become the very best shooter\teacher\coach you can be. Don't think about it, don't analyze it, JUST DO IT! You will not be disappointed.

Bryan Brueck
NSCA Level II Instructor

I had the pleasure of attending Dan's "Workshop" and found it most stimulating. Dan combines Eastern Philosophy and Common Sense, which, in my experience, is pretty unusual. It's hard to imagine a serious shooter not improving after implementing his methodology.

Jim R

The Workshop was life changing for me. Once I was blind , but now I see! It has taught me to be concerned with what is important at the moment, taught me how to be "TASK" oriented. It gave me latitude, forgiveness, and discipline. Danny has put together a very important program here! I would recommend the Workshop to everyone who is serious about improving in their game. My first tournament, 2 weeks after my Workshop, resulted in winning my class, a class I hadn't placed in for 3 yrs.

Bonnie Kincaid

I'm glad to say, The Workshop has changed my approach to shooting. It has given me a set of tools that not only create more consistent shooting and higher scores... but The Workshop has taken me to higher level of confidence in my mental approach to the sporting clay game!

Linda H.




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