Instructor Certification Reviews

A few words from Peter Harris

UK Guild of Shooting Instructors
BASC Staff Tutor, Senior Coach & Assessor

As a Professional Shooting Coach with over forty years experience in all disciplines of shotgun shooting, I always have an open mind and am prepared to listen and learn if it can improve my teaching skills, thus benefitting my customers.

I consider myself very fortunate to have been invited by Dan Schindler to a Paragon Professional Associate Course at River Bend in SC. I know of no other course here in the United States or United Kingdom, Europe or Australia - where I have coached - that offers better value for the money than the Paragon Course. I will say that if you are a badge collector or diploma collector, the course may not be for you, simply because the syllabus is thorough and hard work. But at the end, if successful, the flush of pride that envelops you is well worth it. If you listen to Dan’s tutorials, apply his methods, work hard, you will improve beyond all expectations. Rest assured that at Paragon, you are in safe hands.

Michael Bane, Host of the Outdoor Channel’s

#1 show, Shooting Gallery, recommends Dan . . .


Michael Bane (Host & Producer, Shooting Gallery), John Carter (Producer), Ken Jorgenson (Ruger, Director) and crew traveled from Denver, CO to River Bend Sportsman’s Resort in Inman, SC to film Dan Schindler for his Shooting Gallery show that aired on February 1, 2011. This is the only show Michael has done on sporting clays in his 13 year history of producing and hosting the show. Every year for the past 12 years Michael has been searching, unsuccessfully, for a sporting clays instructor that met his criteria for the show. Michael selected Dan because, “Dan is a sporting clays instructor, unlike any other sporting clays instructor. He focuses
in tightly, laser focused on the mental game of shooting. As soon as we hooked up with Dan, I thought ha, this is the sporting clays instructor that we’ve been looking for! I can’t recommend Daniel Schindler enough.”



The quality of a person's life is in direct proportion to their commitment to excellence,

regardless of their chosen field of endeavor.

Vince Lombardi


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If you genuinely want:

  • a rock solid foundation for successful teaching on the clay target disciplines and wing shooting - using planned, proven methods . . .
  • the self-confidence, knowing that virtually any difficulty a shooter is having, you absolutely can correctly assess that problem . . .
  • to learn the art and science of teaching - the ability to genuinely and capably help your shooter . . .

There simply is no better shotgun shooting instructor program - anywhere - at any price.

Bob Lockett, Paragon Senior Professional Associate

I had considered the NSCA course but, from my previous experiences as a shooter during these certification courses, I learned I wanted more. I had heard of Mr. Schindler’s school, the difficulty level, and how involved the course was. And, there was no guarantee of certification even with considerable time and money invested. Good classes usually have the best teachers. So I enrolled. When I met Mr. Schindler, he was focused and to the point. From the first moment on opening morning, I knew I had come to the right class. Once underway, you quickly realize his instructor certification is not for sale. It must be earned. I learned more in that school about shooting and working with people than I thought humanly possible. Those at the head table and the guest speaker were truly incredible resources for knowledge. You not only learned what and how to teach, you learned how to conduct yourself in a professional manner. The knowledge you received in this class will help you in all aspects of your life. It already has in mine.

Mike Fine, Paragon Professional Associate


Seriously, I went looking for the best instruction, the best information, and the best system for teaching Sporting Clay shooting. Paragon delivered. Was it easy? No. Did I accomplish my goals? Most definitely. Would I go again? I’m already working hard to get ready for the Senior Associate class.

Dan’s teaching brings common sense into shooting, clearing away all the clutter, myths, and mysteries. His methods are 100% dependable, to the point and easy to understand. They flat out work. You will be amazed at what you can accomplish in the box with a student.

Dan is a man who is passionate about his sport, his teaching, and the “instructors” the Paragon school produces. You can see his pride in his instructors doing well. I have a great sense of pride in being a Paragon Instructor. If you want a program that works, makes you earn your certification, and at the finish line gives you a sense of “pride of completion” that is unmatched, Paragon is for you.

Tom Fiumarello, Paragon Senior Professional Associate


In 2003 I had the privilege of attending my NSCA Level I certification class with Dan Schindler as the Examiner. Here’s a small excerpt from a letter I wrote to Dan following my NSCA Certification . . .

“What I experienced while we worked together rivaled the best schooling I have ever undertaken. I want to sincerely thank you for guiding me, through patience when necessary, firmness when required, and compassion throughout. You took me from a humbled, unnerved individual, uncertain of how he could finish successfully, to an individual who has total confidence in his ability to teach others how to help themselves . . . ” Dan has again raised the bar with the advent of the Paragon  Professional Associate program. Without question, he is providing the most reliable, comprehensive, and simplified instructor training program available today. For anyone who truly wants to gain the knowledge and learn the basics, indispensable process for teaching the Sporting Clays and Wing Shooting disciplines, this class accomplishes that and more. Thank you again, Dan for helping me understand what a simple game this really is, and how to release the “magic” we all have within us.

Robert Roesch, Professional Associate

NSCA Level I Instructor