You Don't Need Luck!
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By Cheryl Schindler, Paragon School of Sporting Inc.
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Did you know that each leaf of the four leaf clover has a meaning? Hope, Faith, Love and Luck.
Our granddaughter, Samantha, has an incredible knack for finding them in our Flat Rock yard that sometimes is more clover than grass in spite of spending a small fortune on landscaping. 
Fortunately, you don’t need a four leaf clover to be “lucky.”
What you need is desire, an open mind and willingness to learn...not reinvent the wheel. Successful shooters follow a system they've learned that is dependable and provides a solid foundation that allows them to shoot consistently. When you follow a proven system, no luck is needed. We know this 1st hand because we've worked with thousands of shooters for 3+ decades who follow Dan Schindler's shooting system. An yes, Dan's written the book on fact he's written 3 books...and all are highly recommended!
Last Saturday, we had the privilege of working with 5 youngsters - ages 9 to 17 - from the Carolina Clays team. It was so much fun for everyone and it was especially rewarding for the parents and coaches to watch these young shooters move their game forward in a few short hours.
From the moment these youngsters was game on! To advance their shooting, these young men used the basic fundamentals they learned from their Carolina Clays Coaches (Jeff Allen, Gene Walker, Grant Lakey and Mike Fine) and Dan Schindler's book, Take Your Best Shot (Book I) 3rd edition... required reading for all team members.
We wish you could have seen these youngsters shoot! Time and again, they called for the targets, saw their sight picture, and followed Dan's shooting system step-by-step! It was a sight to behold with broken targets raining down! Now, if a 9-year-old can take this basic information and break targets consistently, on purpose, so can you!
Dan's simple, dependable shooting process allows anyone who wants to break more targets to move their game forward. Dan's process is so simple. This is not rocket science! It's all about having fun while learning a step-by-step, dependable system that works!
From their very first lesson forward, people often ask, how is it possible to:
  • learn to break targets consistently.
  • learn to correct their own swing errors.
  • and implement all of this into their shooting so fast.
It's because we teach the required fundamentals! We structure our training into small steps that predictably raise the shooters game. We've been building our training system for 3+ decades using experts from various fields to refine our methods to move our clients faster!
Our students come from all walks of life...have varying skill levels...and range from 8 to 85 years of age, Many travel long distances. If you want to Rocket Launch your shooting to a higher level in a short amount of time, give Dan a call or contact us.


Facebook comments:
Cindi Wagner Dillard Great time!! Everyone learned so much!!! Even those of us that weren’t shooting!! Thank you Grant and Dan!!
Cheryl Schindler Thank you, Cindi, for your kind comments! I've been wondering if Jessup is still jumping up and down with excitement? He's an adorable young man. Love his pose in the picture! ❤️
Cindi Wagner Dillard Cheryl Schindler thanks! We stopped to eat on the way home and he couldn’t stop talking! He talked about an hour and a half back home until he fell asleep!
Mason Mayo Luke Mayo and other Carolina Clay member got awesome instructions from Dan Schindler

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About Dan Schindler

Dan Schindler is one of only 60 worldwide members of the Guild of Shooting Instructors (UK) and is one of the most highly respected Sporting Clays and Wingshooting Instructors in the US. Dan is an NSCA Level III Instructor (since 1995) and founded the Paragon School of Sporting with one goal in mind. Whether it be for the advanced competitor or providing the basics to the entry-level shooter, Paragon provides the simplest, most practical and most effective Instruction, Coaching and Mental Training for the Sporting Clays & Wingshooting enthusiast. Dan Schindler helps shooters alleviate a lot of their frustration by taking the mystery out of breaking targets, calling their own misses and make their own corrections. Lessons are fun, enlightening and our clients learn to shoot better in minutes!  

Dan Schindler's Books

 Yes, Dan's books help you take the MYSTERY out of missing targets and help you quickly learn steps to shoot more CONSISTENTLY!  Order Dan's 3 books NOW!

New Release...Take Your Best Shot (Book I), 3rd Edition is THE Gold Standard Primer and is all about the fundamentals, a requirement for good shooting. This book is used by high school and college shooting teams, recreational and competitive shooters from around the world. Solid, valuable, concise information that has helped thousands of shooters shoot more consistently with higher scores.

To The Target (Book II) Builds on the steps outlined in Book I. Emphasises Gun Management skills when the trap fires, creating a consistent, reliable, trustworthy swing.

Beyond the Target (Book III) is for shooters of all levels, filled with valuable information, clay target truths. Entertaining and a culmination of 3 decades of Dan' life's work as a teacher, competitor, published writer and much more.


Recommendations - Take Your Best Shot (Book I) 3rd Edition

As a successful clay target youth Coach and competitor, I’ve learned that building solid shooting fundamentals is paramount. Take Your Best Shot is the greatest publication ever written on foundational fundamentals for building consistency and raising scores. Take your Best Shot is THE book that provides the clearest and most dependable system for building shooting excellence. Take Your Best Shot should be the required text for every Coach, shooter and parent of a youth shooter.


Jeff Allen, Head Coach Carolina Clays  

Paragon School of Sporting Professional Instructor

NSCA Level II Instructor

NSSA Skeet Instructor

NC State Scholastic Clay Target Program Advisor & Coach

NC Scholastic Clay Target Program Trap Director

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